Month to Month


3 Month Prepay


SAVE$15 Only $20/Month


  • This box came on what was the worst day of my life. Then the mailman knocked and handed me this box. I cried for a long time because I knew that God was speaking to me

    I can’t wait for that pink box that I can tell has been prayed over because each month it seems to speak directly to the season I am going through and guides me with Godly wisdom and reminders.

  • I really like this box. It’s very simple and I love that they are honest about that. The majority of the box is to guide you in faith for the month....I think it is well worth the money I spend on it because this gives to those in need and encourages my faith.

    My wife so looks forward to receiving these packages each month. Each one is unique and uplifting, and the theme always seems to be exactly what she needs!